Q-1 What is PPE

Ans-1 In Ontario, engineers must have a P.Eng. designation to practice in their field as required by the law. In order to acquire this designation, engineers must write and pass the Professional Practice Examination (PPE) offered by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), to satisfy the academic and experience requirement set by regulatory authorities.  The PPE is a two-section, three-hour, closed-book exam that covers engineering ethics and law, as well as professional practice and liability

These two exams take place on the same day. The total time allowed is three hours, and you would have only one and half hour for each section. There are four questions in each section, and each question carries 25 marks. There is no choice and you have to attempt all the four questions.

I would not hesitate to say that PPE Exam is a test of your English beside the test of your knowledge on law and ethics. Technically speaking you need to get at least 50% out of 100% to pass PPE. But, I would strongly recommend that you attempt and answer all four questions in each section. In order to do that you must be able to explain your point clearly in shortest possible time. This needs practice, the more you practice the better you will be.

In fact writing clearly in English in short time is a challenge. This is also true even if you are a native English speaker. Remember that practice is the key to pass PPE Exam. In order to help you in preparing for this exam, I have developed a video based course, you can play these videos over and over until you fully understand the contents of law and ethics. In addition, this approach saves you the hassles and expenses of conventional classroom training. For detail visit www.topsconsulting.global

So, if you are planning to write PPE Exam, start practicing as early as possible.


Q-2 How can Tops Consulting help me prepare for the PPE?

Ans-2 Tops Consulting provides much-needed support with our knowledge-filled PEO PPE seminars, online course, and e-book, all of which deliver up-to-date and pertinent information and concepts to help you pass your PEO PPE exam and acquire your P.Eng. designation.


Q-3 How does Tops Consulting differ from other PEO PPE support providers?

Ans-3 Tops Consulting PEO PPE seminars, online course and e-book are unique in that they cover every aspect of engineering law and ethics.  Our company sets you up for success by providing you access to our online course material downloads and videos (which includes past PEO PPE exam questions and solutions), for 5 year.


Q-4 The Professional Engineers of Ontario recommend certain learning materials to prepare me for my upcoming PEO PPE exam. How will I know what, exactly, to study?


Q-5 Tops Consulting offers PEO PPE seminars and an online course that explains what recommended learning materials will be most beneficial to you, and why.