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What Our Students Have to Say

Dr. Sani's course for the PPE was extremely helpful. He presented the material clearly and concisely. He took extra time to make sure I thoroughly understood the material.
Thank you, Dr. Sani


Dr. Sani ensured our group was well prepared for our exam by thoroughly examining past exam questions and providing his knowledge regarding response styles. He was very accommodating by allowing me to sit in for only half of the preparation course when that was all that was required. As someone who didn’t succeed with passing the entire exam the first time (prior to Dr. Sani’s help), I was able to obtain a full passing grade after taking his course.

Claire MacDonakd
My experience with Dr. Amir Sani was very smooth and fruitful. He is very knowledgeable and approachable. I will highly recommend him to anyone who wants to pass PPE exam in first attempt.
Dr. Sani made PPE really simple. It was a high quality training for PPE. Thanks for your help.
From London, UK

All you need to pass PPE

If you are unfamiliar with the PEO-PPE examination, or have been unable to pass it on earlier attempts, YOU are at the right place, my video course will hep you in achieving your professional engineering licensing and career ambitions. ​